Terms of Use

East Japan Railway Company (“the Company”) operates the website www.jrtimes.tw (“the Site”) in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By using the Site you indicate that you acknowledge or and agree to these terms of use.

1. Scope of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use shall apply to all data stored on all servers required to operate the Site, as well as the content comprised of such data.

2. Copyright

Copyrights pertaining to all content on the Site are generally held by the Company. All reproduction, digital processing, transmission, distribution, secondary use or other similar use of any photograph, logo, image or text posted on the Site is prohibited.

3. Links

If you wish to link to this Site, no special procedures are required. The Company, however, requests that all links lead, in principle, to the top page (http://www.jrtimes.tw/). When linking to the Site, you are prohibited from causing the Site to be displayed within the same frame as the linking site, as this may mislead users as to who is providing the information posted on the Site. Be sure to set links so that the Site is displayed in a new window. Please note that the Company does not permit following sites to link to the Site.

  • Any site that includes any content designed to defame or violate the reputation of the Company or any other corporation or person.
  • Any site designed to infringe the copyrights, trademark or any other intellectual property rights of the Company, or any other corporation or person.
  • Any site that aims to use its link to the Site for commercial purposes (e.g., to provide information contained in the Site for profit).

Please note that the Company generally does not accept requests for posting links on the Site.

4. Media Listing

The terms provided in paragraphs 1 and 2 above shall govern any listing of the site in any medium by any method other than online linking, including, but not limited to, magazine articles and shortcuts in CD-ROMs. Prior approval of the Company’s Public Relations Department shall be necessary for any such media listing.

5. Online Proposals

Please refrain from sending unsolicited technical or commercial proposals, or similar suggestions, to the Company by email or any other method, as these may lead to disputes if they bear coincidental resemblance to technical or commercial ideas that the Company is developing, investigating or pursuing independently. Please note that if you do submit a proposal or similar item to the Company by email or any other method, the Company will treat it as follows.

  • The Company shall not assess or consider the proposal.
  • The Company shall not bear any nondisclosure obligation as regards the proposal.
  • The Company shall bear no liability whatsoever including payment for any proposal sent to the Company if such proposal is by any chance similar to or overlaps in whole or in part with any proposal pursued, developed or adopted by the Company.

6. Disclaimer

The Company exercises due care in posting information on the Site; however, the Company makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the completeness, accuracy, validity or safety thereof. The Company shall bear no liability for the results of any decision made or action taken by a user based on information posted on the Site.
Information on the Site concerning products and promotional campaigns represents only part of the products sold by the Company or promotional campaigns conducted by the Company; it does not cover all of the products or campaigns of the Company. Please note that current information at the time of posting is provided on the Site; the information may subsequently become inaccurate without notice as a result of changes to the names or content of products and promotions, or become out-of-date in time.
The URL of the top page of the Site is subject to change without prior notice. The Company shall bear no liability for dead links, display difficulties or any other effects that may be caused by such change in the Site URL.

7. Browser

We recommend the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari when viewing this website.

  • Note: The recommended computing environment may differ depending on the content.
  • Note: Use of a different computing environment may result in content display or other errors.

8. Cookies

Some contents on the Site use cookies. If cookies are not enabled on your browser, the Site may not display or function properly. To fully experience the Site, please enable cookies on your browser. Also, the Site may use cookies acquire access information.

* Cookies are a technology that allows the Site to save information in the browser on a customer's computer and retrieve it later. However, rest assured that the cookies used by the Site do not collect any personal information, including name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, street address, or account numbers.

9. JavaScript

Some contents on the Site use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled on your browser, the Site may not be displayed or function properly. To fully experience the Site, please enable JavaScript on your browser.

10. Governing Law

Use of the Site, and the construction and application of the content thereof as well as the Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan except where otherwise stated. The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for any dispute arising in relation to the Site.

11. Validity

The Terms of Use shall come into force at 10:00 on December 06, 2021 (Japan time).